Two photos of Dave Cantin, an automotive expert, posing for a photo wearing a black turtle neck and a blue plaid jacket.

Keynote And Top Business Speaker

Business Speaker Dave Cantin grips audiences with thought provoking life stories.

Dave Cantin can make a powerhouse first impression, since his personal experiences and professional journey are built on a strong competitive spirit and motivation to succeed.

As he speaks, his complex humanity reveals itself. He is someone who deeply cares about people and personal connections. Dave’s rise to the top was full of challenges and growth that shaped the top business speaker he is today. We can all relate to and learn from his stories.

On stage, Dave conveys his philosophy of “Overcoming Forward” — the idea that a positive frame of mind will not only help you surmount obstacles, but also help shape the growth you receive when the process is complete. With zest and authority, Dave implores his audiences to focus within to drive professional growth.