Since his humble beginnings in the dealership industry, Dave has known just how far a dollar can take you. Some dollars, spent on the right pursuits, are more valuable than others. You should always be in growth mode for your career and for your business. Along the way, you’ll have to make hard decisions and channel funds toward the opportunities where they work the hardest for you.

Dave lives the American Dream. He understands how to put dollars to work and how to go to work for your dollars. There’s a time and place for both approaches. You can use hard work and smart strategies to appreciate value in a company or another asset. Without such efforts, often value doesn’t just depreciate, it goes up in flames.

On stage, Dave shares his knowledge of how each dollar is earned and spent to grow a startup into a thriving corporation. On stage as a business finance speaker, he gives audience members inspiration and strong forward-thinking approaches for operating in their current and future financial positions.