As a successful businessman, Dave understands the value of each dollar you spend on your business. Since his humble beginnings in the dealership industry, he has known just how far a dollar can take you. Dave is able to share his knowledge of not only making money, but of how each dollar is earned and spent in order to grow your startup to a thriving corporation.

Dave believes in (and has lived) the American Dream: the idea that one can grow their company and sell it for more than it was worth when they began. His lends a unique perspective to the American Dream- that your hard work can increase the value of every dollar you put into your business. Through hard work and smart strategies, value appreciates; with no effort or thinking, value doesn’t just depreciate, it goes up in flames.

During Dave’s performance on stage as a business finance speaker, audience members will get a strong forward-thinking approach for how to operate in their own financial positions.