Dave Cantin, a motivational speaker, posing a in a doorway wearing a black turtle neck and a blue plaid suit jacket.

Philanthropy Speaker

Giving back is not an afterthought or something you do to feel good about yourself. To Dave Cantin, it’s a superpower.

Philanthropy, like entrepreneurship, is not purely defined by a set of actions. It’s a spirit. It’s a way of being.

Philanthropy has long been a priority for Dave. It became especially important during and after his fight against Leukemia. With a successful business and a great deal to be thankful for, Dave utilizes every opportunity to share the importance of empowering one’s self through giving back. His philosophy in philanthropy is one of cyclical momentum: Growing to give. Giving to grow.

As a philanthropy speaker, Dave shows audiences how to harness this superpower for their own growth and for the greater good.

As a philanthropy speaker, Dave helps his audiences understand the true power of giving, and how it is defined by much more than a dollar amount. Giving is the key to achieving a higher level of consciousness, fulfillment, and self awareness. Giving leads to all things good in business and in life.

What Are Different Philanthropy Speaking Topics?

Giving From Within – Beyond Corporate Responsibility

  • The five core philosophies of giving
  • Give to grow. Grow to give. – Learn why we give and why you should give more often.


Giving Like Superman

  • Why everyone should unleash the life-altering superpower of giving