Dave Cantin, a start-up business speaker, wearing a blue suit and a tan tie smiling for a photo with a blurred background.

Virtual Speaking and Events

What’s the relationship between Connectivity and Connectedness?

Connectivity is our ability to be connected, in a technical sense. It exists in the layout of a city, and the technology in your pocket. Connectedness is more human, a feeling we get when we’re brought together. And connectivity has the power to multiply our connectedness.

In 2020, though virtual events were already important, we learned out of necessity the full value of coming together through technology. Though we miss the experience of being in the same room, we gain the power of connecting across distances, instantaneously, even under extraordinary circumstances.

The connective power of virtual speaking will be with us into the future— an important resource for organizations to take advantage of.


A major part of Dave’s philosophy is that you can’t go backwards. You can’t get stuck.

In his Virtual Speaking engagements, Dave Cantin channels his signature charisma and expertise to you, through technology.

Dave can speak to any topic through streaming that he can on-stage, including automotive industry expertise; business and entrepreneurship; philanthropy; and personal and professional motivational speaking.

Dave is available for solo engagements, or as a speaker at your next virtual event.