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What makes a speaker motivational?

“An ability to overcome life’s obstacles, succeed, and self-actualize.

“An ability to connect with listeners, to understand and meet their needs.

“A natural ability to speak.


These are the very qualities that led Dave Cantin from a tough upbringing to major success in the automotive industry, and through many challenges along the way.


On stage as a professional motivational speaker, Dave goes from 0 to 60 faster than a rocket leaving a launchpad. He is inspirational, thought-provoking, and of course, motivational. But what makes Dave Cantin so motivational at the podium, is what he has overcome and achieved offstage.

  • Dave is a cancer survivor who began life with very little, and was thrown to the wolves over and over again. Yet he persevered and found a way to not just survive, but thrive and thrive big. Learn More.
  • As a professional motivational speaker Dave will have your audience leaning forward from the second he steps on stage, and ready to take on the world the second he steps off.
  • A powerhouse entrepreneur Dave has the real-world experience that makes a great motivational speaker. He built one of the largest and most successful automotive M&A firms in the nation from the ground up.


Learn more about motivational speaker Dave Cantin and how to book him for your upcoming event.


Dave Cantin produces training videos, motivational stories, and industry insights. These materials will inform, excite, and inspire ideas for your career, or at your own company.

Whether you share Dave’s journey as an auto-industry professional or you’re charting a career path in a different field, these resources can help you determine the next steps in building a legacy for yourself and your employees.



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