Dave Cantin, a philanthropy speaker, laughing while wearing a tan suit.

Speaking Topics Overview

Motivational business speaker Dave Cantin has inspired diverse audiences across the United States. The ability to adapt and relate to different audiences is an essential skill for any successful salesperson. Today, Dave uses that skill to connect his areas of expertise (outlined below) to the hearts and minds of his crowds as a keynote speaker.

Every time Dave speaks, the content is unique. While topics may be similar, Dave always customizes his talks to fit within your main objectives. A more in-depth outline of his speech will be provided upon booking a speaking engagement.

Dave can speak to the following topics: All Sectors of the Automotive Industry, Car Dealership Excellence and Operations, Succession Planning for Any Business, Business Finance and Investment, Philanthropy (Personal and Professional), Entrepreneurship, and Personal Motivation in Overcoming Life’s Obstacles.

Buying & Selling - Understanding The Power Of Always Being In 'Acquisition Mode'

  • Buy for less, sell for more
  • The knowledge you need to proactively put yourself in a winning position

How To Build, Maximize, And Protect Your Dealership Legacy

  • The power of a “Circle of Trust”
  • It’s not just who you know, it’s the quality of the relationships you build with them.

Top Dealership Mistakes That Suck The Profit Out Of Every Marketing Dollar

  • Surefire methods to maximize the potential of every marketing dollar
  • Learn why potential buyers might abandon you for the competition, and how to maximize every single lead (so that doesn’t happen).
  • Understand how not to market yourself out of business (non-optimized internal structures can burn through marketing dollars).

The Process And Power Of Sustainable Profitability

  • Growth starts from within. Learn the profitability secrets of “OUTGROWTH”.
  • Learn the top profit-sucking mistakes that dealers make every day.

Financing Your Legacy - Profiting From Today And Growing For Tomorrow

  • The in’s and out’s of raising the right capital and maximizing growth
  • Maximizing your value for life
  • The who, what, and where of raising capital

Lending - The Pros And Cons Of Working Business Capital

  • Industry insights and trends from the ground up
  • The top reasons why lenders lose the client

The Secrets Of "Outgrowth"

  • OUTGROWTH secrets that help you become one of the 20% that succeeds for the long-term
  • The perils of outgrowing your business
  • Understanding the secrets of the OUTGROWTH strategy and what that means to your profitability today and tomorrow

Entrepreneurship Is For Everybody

  • Even if you aren’t starting a business, an entrepreneurial spirit will make you invaluable at your company.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit is about bravely taking on life’s opportunities, no matter the unknowns.

Giving From Within - Beyond Corporate Responsibility

  • The 5 core philosophies of giving
  • Give to grow. Grow to give. – Learn what compels us to give and why you should give more.

Giving Like Superman

  • Why everyone should unleash the life-altering superpower of giving

You Can't Change Who You Are, Change Why You Are.

  • Understand why you are and how it affects every aspect of your life.
  • Learn to change your why, and watch your world change forever.

Overcoming Forward

  • Learn the life-altering power of ‘Overcoming Forward’.

What You Can Learn From A 9-year Old On Overcoming Anything

  • Life-changing illness, financial ruin, loss – How a 9-year-old overcame it all and how you can too

Achieve The Best Life By Creating The Most Real You

  • The real you is always there, yet remains unseen until you actively create it.
  • Learn to reveal the real you.

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