Dave Cantin, a start-up business speaker, wearing a black turtle neck and a blue plaid jacket in front of a city skyline and an office room with a laptop.

An Entrepreneur Speaker

Long before he started his own company, Dave Cantin climbed the ranks by making himself invaluable and keeping his sense tuned to any opportunity that arose. He did this for years at somebody else’s auto dealership, before becoming a partner there and eventually founding his own M&A firm.

So whether or not you’re going to start a business, you can find opportunities and succeed in life by embracing the spirit of an entrepreneur. More than just a motivational business speaker, Dave is a consummate businessman and visionary. He is a meticulous planner who pays attention to detail and embraces the creativity that comes with entrepreneurship.

On stage as an entrepreneur speaker and start up business speaker, Dave talks about tough decisions in business and in life. He breaks down how to make those decisions when you’re in a supporting role and when you’re in a leadership role. And he discusses what it takes to be a leader in your industry when you start from the ground up.

Entrepreneur Speaker Topics

The Secrets Of “Outgrowth”

  • Outgrowth secrets that help you become one of the 20% that succeeds for the long-term
  • The perils of outgrowing your business
  • Understanding the secrets of the “OUTGROWTH”  strategy and what that means to your profitability today and tomorrow