Dave Cantin, a business speaker, standing in a doorway with plants on it wearing a black turtle neck and a blue plaid suit jacket.

Dave Cantin is committed to giving back.

Dave donates a portion of every acquisition his firm is involved in, and 100% of proceeds from his speaking engagements, to pediatric cancer treatment and research with DCG Giving.

Here’s why.

In 2011, when Dave was diagnosed with leukemia, he told his doctor, “Ninety percent of the cure is going to be my attitude and the other ten percent will be your medicine. I have my ninety percent, so you better have your ten percent.”

After five years of chemotherapy, Dave was deemed cancer-free. When establishing his automotive M&A firm, Dave Cantin Group, he made a promise to children fighting this terrible disease that he’d never stop raising money and awareness, and he determined that he would never take his own good fortune for granted.

Now Dave gives back, donating a portion of proceeds from every Dave Cantin Group acquisition and all proceeds from speaking engagements*. In addition, he’s been a board member of various organizations, including Hyundai Hope on Wheels, Hope & Heroes, and Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Through these efforts, Dave has been an integral part of raising over $100 million towards the fight against pediatric cancer with DCG Giving, the charitable arm of Dave Cantin Group.

Nearly 10,000 children in the United States under the age of 15 will be diagnosed with cancer in 2023.

DCG Giving is not just another organization giving back. It’s not about doing good because it’s “good for business”. DCG Giving’s purpose is the reason for all our work.

Our organization’s character can be distilled into one fact: Every single one of our successful outcomes also helps save the lives of children and teens.

“This is a cause very close to my heart. I believe children are the way of the future, and I won’t stop until the day when no child has to hear the words: You have cancer.” – Dave Cantin

*We do not conduct fundraisers. Instead, all funds are donated directly to charities from Dave Cantin’s M&A firm, Dave Cantin Group, to ensure that they are properly placed. Recipients are selected based on geographic proximity to each merger/acquisition, so that proceeds benefit the dealership’s local community.