After major success in the auto industry, motivational speaking was the next step in Dave's life journey.

“Grow to give. Give to grow,” is Dave’s philosophy in philanthropy and on stage. As such, his audiences are witness to an active fulfillment of life purpose. What’s more- 100% of the proceeds from Dave’s speaking engagements are donated to help fight childhood cancer.

Dave speaks from a reservoir of personal experience as:

A Philanthropist

  • A dedicated champion of pediatric cancer, Dave has raised millions for leukemia foundations around the country.
  • A fighter, a survivor. In 2011 Dave was diagnosed with Leukemia. After 5 years of chemotherapy, Dave was deemed cancer free. When diagnosed, Dave told the doctors, “Ninety percent of the cure is going to be my attitude and the other ten percent will be your medicine. I have my ninety percent, so you better have your ten percent!”
  • Beyond devoted. Dave has been a board member for several foundations including Hope & Heroes Columbia University Medical Center, Project Ladybug, and Hyundai Hope on Wheels, where he served as the Vice Chairman.

An Entrepreneur

  • From the bottom up. Before he was motivating audiences, Dave self-motivated and built a career from the bottom up. Starting out in the automotive businesses in entry level positions, Dave worked his way up to being a partner in the most successful single point Hyundai dealership in the world.
  • Reaching higher. Dave is currently the CEO of one of the largest and most successful automotive M&A firms in the nation. In 2017, Dave closed the second largest auto buy/sell in U.S. history, second only to Warren Buffett.
  • Recognized. In 2014 Dave was recognized as a Fortune “40 under 40″ for his commitment to business and community growth. Also in 2014, founding member of KISS and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Peter Criss, presented Dave with the Man of Courage Award for Philanthropy sponsored by the Beauty Foundation.

A Media Contributor

  • Quoted and contributed. As a motivational speaker and award winning executive, Dave is regularly quoted and engaged as a media contributor. Dave has been featured in Forbes, CBT Magazine and other international media outlets.
  • Host with the most. Dave was engaged by Dealer News Today to be the host of their popular podcast series. Dave consults interviews with other motivational speakers, executives and influencers.

On top of it all, Dave donates 100% of the fees he is paid as motivational speaker to charity.

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