Dave Cantin, a business finance speaking professional, wearing a tan suit standing in front of a blurred city skyline.

Motivational Speaker

You Can’t Change Who You Are. Change Why You Are.

Through his early career, Dave already had ample ambition and the ability to motivate himself and others. Then he struggled against leukemia for five years, became a father, and experienced a divorce, among other road bumps and hurdles. All of this gave him a more profound perspective on what it truly means to succeed. It clarified his why.

Dave will tell you that life’s riches have little to do with money or modern-day notions of “success”, but in the person you become and the choices you make. From humble beginnings, Dave calls upon the life experience of going from sweeping floors to the CEO of the automotive industry’s most successful M&A firm.

It’s not all business. From fatherhood and his battle with Leukemia, Dave understands that each day is a blessing and a new opportunity. Dave faced his Leukemia the same way he faces each day and each appearance he makes on stage with resilience and head-on determination. Book Dave as a motivational speaker and motivational business speaker today!

What Are Dave Cantin's Motivational Speaking Topics?

Overcome Forward

  • Learn the life-altering meaning of “Overcoming Forward”.
  • Understand the power of your why, and how it affects every aspect of your life, from unconscious habits to major conscious decisions.
  • Learn to change your why and watch your world change forever.
  • What you can learn from a nine-year-old about overcoming anything.

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